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Destiny for Business


The Art of Having Business Soul
Five key elements that make business a success in a socially-spiritual responsible world.
Passion (that which carries)
Drive (that which pushes)
Intention (clarity & purity)
Heart (love)
Divinity (spiritual dynamic)

The Business Soul Method of Successful Marketing

© 2011 Jules Kennedy


  Finding the soul of your business can tell you more about how to promote your products and services than any marketing strategy out there. Your business has a soul, the heart of the operation that gives it life and a higher meaning. Thus, if you find the soul and learn about what makes your business tick on that not so visible plane of reality, it will also tell you who your customer base will be, how to market unambiguously to these people, what really motivates your customers toward finding this business and purchasing from you, and the when to market and the where to market generally and specifically.


  I am an Intuitive Psychic Consultant-Advisor. I have serviced many business owners over the years in finding the niche markets they need in order to successfully generate sales. I also have helped businesses in-house manage employee relations and refine hiring procedures and matching services of employees (i.e. identifying personality/soul type) to the most suited job tasks and work environments. In other words, over time I’ve become the creator of “Business Soul” Theory.


  According to the Business Soul principle and the marketing efforts resulting, there are five categories of businesses. Once we fine-tune the definitions of each of these types of businesses we find that all of them end up essentially being a service business. That is because business soul theory deduces everything down to the basic innate nature of what a business truly serves. Although a customer may be buying a vehicle from a dealer, he in truest essence is servicing his family’s transportation needs, or perhaps his own inner drive to speed down the Autobahn in the finest of sports car class. Thus, the automobile services a soul desire or a physical need that stems from something deep within the soul.


  A little heavy for marketing information perhaps, but getting down to the nitty-gritty of why people purchase, what they will purchase especially in economically downtrodden times, and from whom they might purchase these products and services allows for more streamlined and cost effective marketing efforts within a business. If your business soul tells you that its essence services only a certain income class of people due to the nature of its purpose, then marketing to folks in other income classes would be futile. If a product has a fancy to service the entertainment aspects and folly of its customers looking to go on a free-spirited vacation you would not market to the elderly in nursing homes. Common sense, yes…but business soul takes marketing into an even deeper understanding of buying behaviors, customer appeal, and a basic spirituality of the marketplace (spirituality being defined in this theory as the lifting of the spirit, the inner essence of life within a person, place or thing.)


  For each business category within business soul theory, the marketing effort will be designed and developed according to the structure of the specific business, the dynamic between product/service and its customer base and clientele, and demographic elements which have impact upon the flavor and buying habits in each region, genre or niche particular to its buying public. Let us list each of the five and a thing or two regarding how the marketing effort would be played out related to business soul.


1.) In a Service Soul business we would look at:

  • who does the business serve

  • what will it give to those it serves-meaning how will it service the “soul” of its purchasers

  • where, how and what to do in order to find these particular consumers

  • building a unique marketing plan designed to capture the soul essence of the customer niche


2.)  The Product Service Soul business:

  • what soul service does this business product/s provide the customer

  • who are these customers, where do they come from, how to convert a product into a soul attractive service product

  • how does the product reach and provide for the underlying soul needs of its customers better than the competition. In fact, just by looking deeper inside of the customer, this gives more of a competitive edge to the product itself and to the marketing effort, especially if the product is of rich soul quality.

  • from here devising a marketing plan that services this particular customer base


3.)  Educational Service Soul (guidelines from the previous types can be used to develop this marketing strategy and finding the particular consumer base that would be attracted to this soul business).


4.)  By-product Service Soul—these are the businesses that provide parts and services (sub-products/services) that compliment or support primary products and services. For example, an auto parts store would support the automotive industry and service those customers that have soul desires and needs to keep their automobiles in good repair. This category requires its own manual on how to find its unique business soul and provision for its customers.


5.) Spiritual and non-profit industry Product/Service Soul. This particular mode of consumer offering deserves its own sacramental marketing bible to adjust the nature of the heart-intentions of non-profits into making them fit the “for profit” selling focused world of business, and thus the seemingly non-soul practices of the corporate and small business world. More to come on this topic.


  Business Soul is an intense development process that takes the human aspect of running a commercially commerce driven entity and makes it real, bringing its humanness to the surface. This then has more appeal to its customers, because they are human with a soul. A win-win combination for both business owners and the people they service.; An Intuitive Business and Personal Services Company


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The predictions and insights are for contemplation and inspiration only. Some intuitive services suggest that the advice they offer is for “entertainment purposes only”. I say that yes, this is entertainment but it is also very real for the person receiving the service. I cannot however, be held responsible for the actions and deeds of anyone based on how the information is perceived, interpreted and acted upon as a result of their personal understanding. Sometimes situations change in mid-creation due to free will, unforeseen circumstance, ego manipulation and other transpersonal influences and factors.


With the highest of integrity I give my clients the most refined and light filled information possible based on what or how I interpret the info coming through to me. The client decides what to do with the information. I am not liable for the misdeeds of others, and also cannot guarantee firmly that everything stated is going to happen as specified; or that the course of creation discussed won’t be altered after the session by intervening and/or manipulative sources. I do hold a prayer and the intention to give the purest information possible at the time of the session. The Highest Good for All Concerned.


All rights reserved (c) Jules Kennedy MGP Enterprises 2013 - present.

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