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Psychics Need Psychics Too

We all need one another, for support and sometimes a reading.

As a reader for over 27 years I know what it's like to find myself in a time of confusion in my personal and professional life. This is the time I seek out an expert psychic to read for me. Often I receive conformation on what I already know, and/or new insight or perspective about my situation. We all have blind spots or at least times when we  can't see our own path clearly.


I offer a special to all practicianers within the psychic and healing arts. I will give you a 90 minute reading at the price of the 1-hour reading. Just contact me at the email above, let me know you're a reader and I will accomodate.


In time, I will offer a forum for psychics, and an exchange program with points, so that readers can read for one another without charge.


Our work is important, which means we must stay clear and on point in order to help our clients.                           Jules


The predictions and insights are for contemplation and inspiration only. Some intuitive services suggest that the advice they offer is for “entertainment purposes only”. I say that yes, this is entertainment but it is also very real for the person receiving the service. I cannot however, be held responsible for the actions and deeds of anyone based on how the information is perceived, interpreted and acted upon as a result of their personal understanding. Sometimes situations change in mid-creation due to free will, unforeseen circumstance, ego manipulation and other transpersonal influences and factors.


With the highest of integrity I give my clients the most refined and light filled information possible based on what or how I interpret the info coming through to me. The client decides what to do with the information. I am not liable for the misdeeds of others, and also cannot guarantee firmly that everything stated is going to happen as specified; or that the course of creation discussed won’t be altered after the session by intervening and/or manipulative sources. I do hold a prayer and the intention to give the purest information possible at the time of the session. The Highest Good for All Concerned.


All rights reserved (c) Jules Kennedy MGP Enterprises 2013 - present.

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